The world of virtual reality is one that is quickly evolving. Not only are individuals using it as a new form of entertainment, but many companies are picking up on the benefits of virtual reality in the workplace.

Using VR environments in the workplace allows employees to experience a completely different side of training. Instead of showing a simple instructional video, imagine putting a new employee into a virtual reality situations where he or she has to face problems head on and deal with them proactively. It provides a new method of stimulation and developmental learning, all while enjoying a new experience.

VR takes traditional learning and completely flips it upside down. Instead of listening to management explain difficult concepts or frantically taking notes during a full-day seminar, employees have the opportunity to receive first-hand experience in learning new skills necessary for optimal job performance long before dealing with an actual task.

Even hospitals are picking up on the benefits of VR. Patients experiencing trauma or mental health conditions are seeking treatment through positive, simulating, 360-degree experiences. Imagine floating down a river on a small canoe in the middle of a forest, listening to ambient music while watching the flowers bloom and trees rustle in the wind. Even in the most unfortunate of times for patients, complete and utter peace can literally be found through the lens.

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