Virtual Reality has made new headlines in the Education sector to help individuals world wide. VR is helping students put their skills to the test students with interactive software that creates a real life environment.  Studies have shown that students going off to College or University who use Virtual Reality are more prepared for working in their field. As they require job training scenarios to understand how to handle a real life situation. This will prepare students for handling situations they may encounter in the workforce and ways in which they can practice multiple times to be better prepared.

Visual learners and learners with a disability can benefit from using VR as it will help them with cognitive memory increase and the ability to that can help improve test scores.

The advantages of using Virtual Reality for schooling will not only create more opportunities for learners. Individual will have better performance rate in the work field as they have experience to situations in the real world. The main focus of Virtual Reality is to allow users to engage, practice and have a connection to the the material they are learning.

Virtual reality can be used anywhere and for example companies like Walmart use it to train employees on various topics from customer service to management to name a few. In the future soon all training institutes in the United states will be using VR to train their staff. ┬áThe sky’s the limit for VR and its only growing with new technological advance in the industry!