Meet the creative designers behind the scenes at Blacksmith Studios. Our team consist of a Lead Artist and Programmers who create our games. With various background experience in the industry our designers work on creating the best Virtual Reality games to a wide audience.


Virtual Reality has improved the way in which we use our senses and how it impacts our daily lifestyles. It can be used for engineering, entertainment, education, design, film and medicine to name a few. The world of VR has created fun filled games for users with the power of an artificial environment that user can interact with in the digital realm.


Advantages of VR include effective communication among and connective atmosphere with individuals. Users are able to have an awesome experience and want to come back for more. Although VR is amazing unfortunately it is expensive as it is still new in the market and has not been fully explored yet. Training is not real and individuals who perform in VR may not do well in real life.


There are many great opportunities that Virtual Reality has to offer the world and although it has some advantages and disadvantages it will benefit everybody as technology progresses in the future.