We recently released our new game and it is downloadable on Steam now! It is called “Show me what you Got”. Learning how to juggle with our new Virtual Reality game for novice or intermediate players are able to put their true juggling skills to the test. Show off your skills in four unique maps, complete with crowds who react to your performance!


The objective of the game is to juggle as best as you can to score the most points possible. If you receive three strikes dropping three objects you will lose the game!


Players unlock levels by gaining enough points in the previous level.


Don’t fret if you aren’t a professional juggler! While a strike is earned when an object hits the ground players who start on the Easy mode will receive a warning when an object has nearly hit the ground and an opportunity to recover. Normal mode does not have this safety net, but gives players the opportunity for more points!


Become the ultimate world juggler! 


For more information on upcoming games we will be creating in the future.  Contact us at info@blacksmithstudios.ca