With the latest games being more accessible for individuals Virtual Reality products are becoming more readily available.  These are our top recommend brands for headsets for VR 2018!


HTC Vive

Is a strong contender for VR Headset as it include two motion controllers a headset and two base stations that will help with mapping out the whole area. It also has the capability to track down an individual’s movement within 10 feet. Its controller compared to the Playstation Move is impeccably better. To use the Vive on PC it is recommended that you use an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU and a GeForce GTX 970 GPU.


Oculus Rift

The biggest name brand for VR is for serious Virtual Reality gamers. Price wise the Oculus Rift from the developers kit is very expensive.  The Oculus Rift is somewhat similar to the HTC Vive headset and includes the Oculus Touch motion controllers that support a larger surface area.


PlayStation VR Credit

One of the easiest to use tethered virtual reality systems at an affordable price. The Playstation VR offers players to play games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. However, you can play any PS4 games in a larger given area. Gamers will also have to purchase an additional controller for motion controls, and a camera for the headset


The Google Daydream View

Allows users to put their phone in a headset that is placed in the centre to be used as a display. This is done by a pair of lense that separate the screen into two images. Two remotes are used to controls one’s actions when playing. There is constant software development kit updates which allows Cardboard, it’s similar partner in the VR industry to expand into the market.


Mobile VS Tethered VR Headset

Mobile headsets cover your eyes with a lense in which you can place your smartphone and they are not connect so you can move around more freely. The lenses is separated into two and are generally inexpensive as they use your mobile phone to do all the processing. Although they are a great budget friendly use for novice Virtual Reality Players. For intermediate gamers may find it tedious as your phone can not offer the best display and are more likely to wear out when playing.


Tethered headsets require an ample amount of space approximately 3 x 3 metres for moving around. You will need to set up two laser tracking spot at opposite corners,to allow players to move 360. To get the best out of your VR using a high quality graphics card and enough space on your hard space will reduce having low quality and lagging that can affect your gaming performance.

Lastly, take a breather every now and then continuous gaming on a VR can cause nausea so take a break after every 3 hours or less.