Virtual reality is becoming a competitive features that companies are moving toward in 2018. The emerging competitors in the industry are Apple, Facebook, Google, Samsung and Sony. Top contenders who have been in the market for longer and are more established like Oculus and the HTC Vive have limited market due to cost and size. As for mobile VR it is more compact, inexpensive as you are using your phone for display.

Certain industries markets such as retail, travel, security, real estate , health sector, transportation. A few ways in which VR can help in the job sector is by:


Workers will be able to have an abundance of skills without traveling to other countries to receive them. This will reduce the cost on companies long term to cut down on expenses.

Organizational Structure

Companies will be able to have a high performance work flow among employees to virtual meet colleagues on projects and collaborate on ideas. This will also improve efficiency among workers as more work will get done in a faster amount of time as there is easy access to other members. Using avatars to network with others can be negative as humans prefer interactive measures to get to know potential clients. The company eXp Realty has come up with a way to hold meetings in a virtual headquarters without being there!


VR enable to get out of their normal everyday environment and reduces cost to get out. While also giving individuals the choice to go wherever they choose virtually and help with meeting other employees at other branches to collaborate on business or product ideas.

Improves marketing in Sales With technology constantly developing everyday companies will be able to market their brands faster and give clients a visual mockup of how the product or services look in any environment with VR. This is also available in many industries such as real estate and automotive sectors. Where you can have a visual feel of the product you wish to buy.

Lower Safety Risk towards Employees

VR is safer when training staff to do rigorous tasks. By teaching them how to operate machines and how to handle certain situations this will help reduce the number of dangers in the workplace that they are susceptible to in the real world. Employees will also have the ability if they forget how to operate a machine due to being off work for a long time to practice how they are supposed to carry out a task.