Today we release our second game on Steam: Camp Grizzly VR! In this game, you play as a camp counselor trying to save a group of children from a grizzly bear in the woods at night. You need to chop wood and feed the fire so it doesn’t go out, light a torch and use it to scare off bears, and play guitar so the children don’t get bored and wander off. Manage your time wisely and try to get a high score on our leaderboards! We used a new leaderboard system for this game that not only records your score, but the way in which you died so you can see not only how long your friends survived, but also what went wrong.


We also tried out a new grip system with this game so you can grab items from far away. This way even if you throw the guitar off into the woods you can get it back while remaining in the play area. It works really well, makes gameplay smooth, and as a bonus, makes you feel like a Jedi. The way this is done is your VR hands are constantly looking for objects they can pick up, so instead of having a spherical trace around the hands, we fire a line trace forward and if it hits something, we show that it can be picked up via a UI hexagon and if a player picks it up we travel it over time to their hand.


We hope you enjoy the game!


Check it out on Steam here