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At Blacksmith Studios, We want to hone that fire and make it grow. It’s what makes the games we create so unique. As a game studio, we have one mission and it is to create the best VR games and experiences on the planet.

The video game industry is ever changing and evolving, which is one of its most interesting aspects. However, in order to be the best at what we do, we constantly need to adapt to these changes.

All of us at Blacksmith Studios share a passion to create extraordinary things. Fueled by our passion for the medium. Join us as we share our love for video games with you!

Video game culture is a continuously growing and exciting division of the digital world and offers a facet for those looking for some relaxation and entertainment, to challenge themselves, or to connect with others. But behind the screen, there are people who are vital to the growth of the industry. Blacksmith Studios is a video game development studio from within the realms of David and Goliath International Corporation. The mission is to create masterpieces that gamers will long to play, and to create such games at a AAA level. The team is currently pioneering the frontier possibilities in the virtual reality market. We create games mainly for the HTC Vive using the Unreal Engine.

VR is an exciting new market, one that is growing and increasing in popularity as more people are exposed to it. The HTC Vive was released to the public in early April of 2016. Since then, the company has sold over 400,000 units. With the introduction of VR being relatively new, the team looks to take advantage of the industry’s lack of developed games and create ones which will offer intrigue and excitement.

Blacksmith Studios works with Campus Creative to provide many opportunities to test out the VR system and learn how to play different games. High School Co-op Students are learning how to create models and work towards the production of a game. Learning programs like Unreal is an exciting process and Blacksmith Studios strives to create opportunities to teach aspiring creatives talents to prepare the next generation.


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The Campus Creative Experience

This is the Campus Creative VR Experience. Walk the halls of 533 Clarence Street, a re-purposed elementary school in the heart of Downtown, London. Learn what makes Campus Creative such a unique place, and the services we offer. Whether it's Blacksmith Studios’ VR Experiences, Campus Creative’s distinct approach to marketing, or our Smart Start Tech Camps and community center, we really do have something for everyone. While it's great for us to say it, it's even better to show it - and to do it in VR with some fun games along the way!


Introducing The Forge, a new virtual reality game under development by Blacksmith Studios. Learn what it's like to live a fantasy life as a blacksmith in medieval times, the viking age, and feudal japan - crafting weaponry and armor for soldiers and daring adventurers alike. Be the real hero, crafting the weapons and armor that make the victories possible. We were tired of hitting the craft button in video games and watching a progress bar fill, and wanted to create a more advanced crafting system that involved the player in every step of the process - to let the player become attached to the things they create.

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