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Feel the future with us. We started to virtualize the entire city of London Ontario, Canada, to bring all of its businesses to a virtual game. Within this game, you will be able to choose your avatar, buy & sell products, chat with people, and realize all your dreams.

Terms of Metaverse

Metaverse iterations involve integration between virtual & physical spaces and virtual economies. This often includes a significant interest in advancing virtual reality technology and Virtual Augmented Reality. The term “Metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in his book Snow Crash (1992). In this novel, he describes a virtual world that can be accessed through a computer program called the Metaverse Matrix. This matrix allows users to create their own personal universe where they can interact with other people, places, and things.


Metaverse will available on Computer and VR

Metaverse is a virtual world that can be accessed through your computer or VR. You can explore this environment using your own avatar, which is a representation of yourself in the virtual world. This is where you can go to meet people from around the world, play games, create art, learn about different cultures, and much more. Our team is trying to work on the R&D of the metaverse to make it accessible and available for all people around the world, in order to make a united virtual world and remove all distance.

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One goal, One passion

At Blacksmith Studios, we create and envision games that are unique. As a game studio, we have one mission in mind, and it is to create the future and new experiences across the world. We are developing a platform that will allow us to connect people from all over the world. We want to give them a chance to experience things they may not normally get to do.

Desolat Sands Awards


Desolate Sand became a recipient for an UNREAL DEV GRANT in 2018.

William Komer

Founder & Executive Director

Sina Azarnoush

Operations Director & Team Leader 

Manuel Morim

3D Art/Animations Director

Jesse Lind

Marketing Director

Alisha Moore

Graphic Design Director

Wiliam komer | Executive Director
Sina Azarnouh | Operations Director & Team Leader
Manuel Morim | 3D Art/ Animations Direction
Jesse Lind
Alisa Moore | Graphic Design Director


Nima Azarnoush

Development Director 

Sarvnaz Ziyaie

Character Designer

Nima Azarnoush| Developmet Director
Sarvnaz Ziyaie| Character Designer

At Blacksmith Studios, we create and envision games that are unique. As a video game company, we have one mission in mind, and it is to create the future and new experiences across the world.

The video game industry is ever-changing and evolving. Therefore, in order to be the best at what we do, we constantly need to adapt to these changes.

We are working on game development and game design to create metaverse for the future.

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VR Game

You will be taken back centuries in the 1940s, when your plane crashes next to a tomb. The tomb holds untold secrets.

Camp Grizzly VR game
Camp Grizzly icon


VR Game

You are a camp counselor, taking care of 4 kids. You have to keep the children entertained by playing the guitar. If you aren't able to, one by one the bored kids will wander off, never to return.

Show me what you got background
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VR Game

Learning how to juggle can be difficult. With this new virtual reality game, though, novice or intermediate players are able to put their true juggling skills to the test.

More Games

B-Chess I 3d game
B-Chess I game icon


Mobile and PC

B-Chess I is a 3D chess experience for mobile and computer platforms. The game includes single-player and multiplayer.

The Forge VR Similator
The Forge VR game Icon

The Forge

VR Workshop

In this game, through hammering, pressing, and rolling, the player learns about forging and shaping metals into objects like swords.

Ful tilt VR game
Ful Tilt game icon


VR Game

A competitive multiplayer game, you wield a lance and attack. Full Tilt is a skill-based game as well- the more you play, the more skilled you become.

Insanity Mask game 3d
Insanity Mask 3d game


3D PC game

Minesweeper 2d
Minesweeper 2d game icon


2D game