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Blacksmith Studios is our video game/VR division. We create 3D/2D offline and online games. We also create virtual tours and more. Stay tuned for demo days, and more.

Desolated Sand
Desolate Sands_ icon


Desolate Sands is an Adventure Puzzle Game. You will be taken back centuries in the 1940s when your plane crashes next to a tomb. The tomb holds untold secrets, and you will soon find yourself journeying into its depths. Gamers will have the opportunity to face rooms full of challenging puzzles and only those who can solve them will be able to progress deeper

Steam Link
Camp Grizzly VR game
Camp Grizzly VR game icon


You Are a Camp Counselor taking care of 4 kids. You have to keep the children entertained by playing the guitar, if you aren't able to, one by one the kids will wander off never to return.
You will also have to keep the fire lit, as the fire runs out of fuel the environment becomes darker and if the fire dies out you lose the game. To keep the fire going you can chop up logs and place them on top of the fire.
There is a bear roaming around the camp. At times the bear will try and attack the camp and you will have to use a torch to fend it off. If the bear reaches you, you will lose the game.

Steam link
show me what you got VR game
show me what you got icon


Learning how to juggle can be difficult but with the new Virtual Reality, game Show Me What You Got, novice or intermediate players are able to put their true juggling skills to the test. Show off your skills in four unique maps, complete with crowds who react to your performance!
The objective of the game is to juggle as best as you can to score the most points possible. But three strikes and you’re out: dropping three objects will lose you the game! Players unlock levels by gaining enough points in the previous level.
While a strike is earned when an object hits the ground, don’t fret if you aren’t a professional juggler! Players who start on the Easy mode will receive a warning when an object has nearly hit the ground and an opportunity to recover. Normal mode does not have this safety net, but gives players the opportunity for more points! Become the ultimate juggler!

Key Features:

- Two Difficulty Settings
- Free Play mode that is stress-free: No points, no strikes!
- Crazy Juggling Items
- Four Unique Maps
- Objects close to the ground enter bullet time on easy difficulty
- A scoring system that rewards you based on your juggling combos

Steam link
Full Tilt VR game
Full Tilt VR game icon


Full Tilt is a competitive versus  game, where you are a knight taking up your lance to fight in a jousting tournament versus other players or against Ai. Experience this skill rewarding gameplay in VR as you become the best jouster in the kingdom!

coming soon
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