We at Blacksmith Studio were at Game Slice 2018. A gaming platform for emerging Game studios to present unreleased games or games their studios have made as well as to enable them to get feedback from other gamers and industry professionals. This event is hosted every year in London, Ontario and is created by game … Continued

Virtual reality is becoming a competitive features that companies are moving toward in 2018. The emerging competitors in the industry are Apple, Facebook, Google, Samsung and Sony. Top contenders who have been in the market for longer and are more established like Oculus and the HTC Vive have limited market due to cost and size. … Continued

With the latest games being more accessible for individuals Virtual Reality products are becoming more readily available.  These are our top recommend brands for headsets for VR 2018!   HTC Vive Is a strong contender for VR Headset as it include two motion controllers a headset and two base stations that will help with mapping … Continued

We recently released our new game and it is downloadable on Steam now! It is called “Show me what you Got”. Learning how to juggle with our new Virtual Reality game for novice or intermediate players are able to put their true juggling skills to the test. Show off your skills in four unique maps, … Continued

We at Black Smith Studios are oriented towards designing games for various audiences. Learn how we make the games you enjoy through an industry professional Gaming Artist. Find out what it takes to become a Gaming Artist as well as the skills and qualifications that are required.   Be passionate about gaming This might be … Continued

Meet the creative designers behind the scenes at Blacksmith Studios. Our team consist of a Lead Artist and Programmers who create our games. With various background experience in the industry our designers work on creating the best Virtual Reality games to a wide audience.   Virtual Reality has improved the way in which we use … Continued

Black Smith Studio recently made a virtual reality tour of the London Museum Centre at the Forks for individuals to interact with the new space before it opens. With the use of architectural drawings we were able to create a Virtual Reality tour of the outcome of the finished project and what the Museum of … Continued

The gaming world is a monster all its own. Not only are developers challenged to create captivating games, but also ones that provide shared experiences for users worldwide. Moving into virtual reality multiplayer modes is a task that is rarely accomplished effectively. With that being said, what separates a good multiplayer VR experience from a … Continued

Virtual Reality has made new headlines in the Education sector to help individuals world wide. VR is helping students put their skills to the test students with interactive software that creates a real life environment.  Studies have shown that students going off to College or University who use Virtual Reality are more prepared for working … Continued

Blacksmith Studios uses premier software to create amazing video games and virtual reality by using 3D Max’s and Texture. 3D modeling software is essential are advantageous for many game designers. We use 3D modeling software to create mockups and photo realistic designs used to showcase how an idea would come to life. These skills can … Continued